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In a warm subtropical shallow,

a newborn whale opens its eyes for the first time.

Our research team is present to record the moment, and everything that will follow after.

South Scrimshaw is the story of this animal’s entire natural life, his struggles and successes in a vast ocean teeming with life.

It is an illustration rich visual novel, painted in a mix of watercolor, gouache, and digital.

This current build contains the first two chapters. Future chapters will be released for free as they are completed.

Thanks for reading!

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SouthScrimshaw-0.2-pc.zip 677 MB
SouthScrimshaw-0.2-mac.zip 661 MB

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This is frankly stunning. You have genuine talent and I hope to see more!

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Thanks! Glad you liked it, appreciate the support. I have enough free time right now to really grind out some work so next chapter should be up early September. 

So happy to be once again visiting your fantastic zoological worlds. The way you tread the line between imagination and realism is delightful. Looking forward to Chapter 2! 

Thanks man! Yeah it's a more elaborate production than my books used to be but similar idea.